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Fiona Gordon - Appointed 2017

Fiona Gordon is an Environmental Policy Analyst and Accredited Mediator/Facilitator based in Palmerston North New Zealand. As Director of Gordon Consulting she specializes in resource management policy and planning, the development and management of environmental and wildlife projects and takes a special interest in researching wildlife trade issues.  Fiona advocates nationally and internationally for strong wildlife protection, particularly via the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora and the New Zealand Trade in Endangered Species Act.

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Fiona is especially keen to: encourage collaborative efforts to tackle environmental issues; increase the opportunities for children and the wider community to be immersed in projects that encourage the appreciation and stewardship of the natural environment; andfind ways to increase our understanding and implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #SDGs.

Fiona is the principal researcher and co-author of the International Fund for Animal Welfare Report  “Under the Hammer - Are Auction Houses in Australia and New Zealand Contributing to the Demise of Elephants and Rhinos?” published in September 2016, and the authour of “A Report on the New Zealand Trade in Ivory: Imports, Re-Exports and Domestic Trade 1980 - 2012” published in 2014.  Fiona has authoured articles and opinion pieces published in the New Zealand Herald and Element Magazine on the topics of illegal wildlife trading, elephant ivory and rhino horn, African elephants and rhino, and canned lion hunting. Her most recent article featured in National Geographic -Voices “New Zealand’s Dirty Ivory Trade Exposed” November 2016.

Prior to Gordon Consulting, Fiona worked for local government as a Senior Policy Analyst managing the review and development of natural resource management policy and plans for native biodiversity, historic heritage, landscapes, issues of significance to tangata whenua, water quality and quantity, air, land, natural hazards and waste.

Gordon Consulting New Zealand 

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Roschana -Board member

Roschana Webby - Appointed 2015

Raised in the Pohangina Valley, Roschana still loves being outdoors and is inspired by nature’s balance for leading healthy lives. A holistic thinker and real people person, Roschana’s first passion is her young daughter. In the environment realm, Roschana has diverse interests and is primarily focused on ensuring we look after freshwater. Roschana is focused on raising awareness about hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and the environmental health problems, to air, water and soil, that often come with oil and gas industries activities, as well as their effect on communities.

Selwyn Yorke - Board Member

Selwyn Yorke - Appointed 2017

Selwyn is a science impact consultant, who dreams of the natural environment and what it could be for us all; a dream, an escape, and perhaps a business. After a chance meeting at the golf club, he landed a role with Green Corridors Palmerston North and from there evolved into the committees for PNCET and Environmental Network Manawatu.  The ambitions around “reforesting” the local stream banks, enabling public access through the GCPN Range to River philosophy, and the Source to Sea plan for improving the Manawatu Rivers sees Selwyn looking to have a busy few years ahead. Due to the above he has grown an interest in enhancing Palmerston North and sustainability in this changing world. Selwyn is occasionally seen struggling around the Arapuke trails on his mountain bike.


Dr Heike Schiele - Appointed 2016

Apart from being an eternal traveller and a keen horse rider, Heike's great passion in life is water. Kei te ora te wai, kei te ora te whenua, kei te ora te tangata - if the water is healthy, the land and the people will be nourished. This vision, chosen by the Manawatū River Leaders’ Forum (MRLF), guides her in her daily actions as an individual, a community member and a business person. She loves challenging what is, changing perspectives, envisioning what could be – and last but not least, contributing to make it happen by being a trustee for PNCET, co-chair for Environment Network Manawatu, and an active contributor to MRLF, Te Kāuru, as well as Environment Institute Australia and New Zealand.