Vision & Mission


Palmerston North becomes a more environmentally sustainable and vibrant community.


To contribute to Palmerston North becoming a more environmentally sustainable and vibrant city through stimulating and supporting activities that contribute to achieving this aim. We will work to generate awareness and deliver principled and effective advocacy for the environment.

Strategic Goals

Long-term goals
1. To make a positive difference for the natural and built environment in the Palmerston North City area
2. To be a visible and valued presence in the Palmerston North area
3. To assist local people and leaders in prioritising the environment in decision-making

Short-term goals (to June 2018)
1. To measurably contribute to an increase in local support for practical means to improve clean energy utilisation, transport carbon efficiency, and freshwater health in the Palmerston North area.
2. To measurably increase community awareness of PNCET’s work, including partnerships and projects undertaken.
3. To measurably improve the realised value of the Trust to local leaders and the wider community.
4. To measurably contribute to improving local engagement with regards sustainability opportunities and environmental issues in the Palmerston North area.
5. To acquire and interpret local views and information on at least four substantive sustainability opportunities and/or environmental issues and ensure these are available to local leaders and represented in their processes.
6. To create an increasingly effective organisation synergistic with other local entities, and acquire a sufficient human and financial resource base to deliver on its strategic programme and ensure the Trust’s ongoing impact for environmental sustainability in the Palmerston North area. The principal resources of the PNCET are the Trust members and their networks, a contract for the

Chair's Annual Reports