Sustainable Christmas

As Christmas ramps up around us, the Palmerston North City Environmental Trust (PNCET) have some excellent suggestions for staying environmentally sustainable throughout the festivities. With some simple tips it's easy to keep a low impact on the environment while still enjoying the festive season.

If you have kids then it's a great opportunity to get them involved in making cards, gifts and decorations. Online sites such as Pinterest make finding ideas and tutorials a breeze. When decorating with fairy lights head for the solar-powered options to save on electricity for years to come.

When it comes to presents, Christmas is a great opportunity to shop locally for both food and gifts and we have a fantastic range of local suppliers for both. Presents don't always need to be big and expensive and sometimes home-baked or handmade gifts can mean a lot more. If you don't have the time to hand-make goods, online stores such as have a great range of well-priced, Kiwi-made gifts which are often customisable and unique. For those who have everything there's always the 'give-a-goat' type gifts from the likes of Oxfam.

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