Nurturing a new generation of smart citizens: March Grant Giving Round

We are very happy to see all this youth and kids targeted applications for the Grant round in March 2017. The applications that have been approved this funding round are educating, engaging with, inspiring and encouraging young citizens to be open to taking responsibility for caring for the environment now and in the future.

Two projects have been granted the PNCET support for the second time. One of them is Hands-On Food project. It was granted $5,000 for developing further their herb garden. If you have not heard yet, Hands-On Food is an amazing project whose interests lies in organic and sustainable issues around food production and encouraging young people to cook and eat a plant based diet, which dramatically reduces carbon footprint. For several years, the leader of the group, Robert Hall, and his team ran cooking classes at Youth Space, now, when they have an access to a real commercial kitchen, they are not only teaching kids how to cook but also actively involve them with growing it in their herb garden. A truly amazing initiative!

Another initiative that PNCET supported for the second time is a joined project of Palmerston North Interfaith and Papaioea Pasifika Community Trust who received $2,325 to produce a video, called “Making Waves: Stories of Courage and Hope”. This film, which will be debuted at the 12th Environmental Film Festival “Reel Earth”, features six Massey Pasifika students who share their heart breaking stories about the consequences of climate change on their lives and families. We think it is important to show the community that climate change is real and millions of people are affected by it right now. We believe, this film will motivate the New Zealand community to become proactive and give the Pasifika community hope for a sustainable future.

We are very proud to support intentions of our kindergartens to educate little kids about sustainability and encourage them to play outdoors in all weather. Last year we provided funds to Roslyn and Linton kindergartens, and this time we've approved applications of Hokowhitu and Parkland kindergartens.

Hokowhitu Kindergarten has received $1,138 to purchase rainwear sets so kids have the opportunities to see changes to the environment during and after rainfall, in wet areas such as bush, river walks, working alongside local community gardens and park exploration. Parkland Kindergarten has received $970 to purchase and install two rain-water tanks to be able to teach children about where does water come from, its importance in our world and show them that water is a finite resource.

Active Minds Aotearoa (AMA) has been granted $3,000 to purchase two Science Kits “Breathe Easy”. AMA is a Palmerston North based charitable trust that is working on increasing the scientific literacy of the children in Manawatu through science programs and resources. The two new kits will be available through the hire service to primary and intermediate schools. Each kit provides four activities that help students explore and understand air pollution, for example, ‘pollution patrol’ where students compare the exhaust emissions of a variety of vehicles, ‘Smog Alert’ which involves students creating smog in a jar, and an extensive data crunching activity for the older children that uses locally sources air quality data collected over a five-year period.

We are so glad that our grants are used to raise environmental awareness of young generations. Once inspired to participate or act, they have the ability to share information, teach and encourage their families and friends to be aware of their impact on the environment, too.

herb garden photo North Street Primary Intermediate Students

Hands-On Food herb garden


Riverdale Kindergartens planting at Waitoetoe park

A4 Promo Slide HOPE (1)

A poster of the movie by PN Interfaith and Papaioea Pasifika Community Trust