September 2017 Grant Giving Round

PNCET is proud to be able to support many important projects in the latest grant giving round this September. PNCET received a number of applications that showed great promise to enhance Palmerston North’s environmental and sustainability sectors. Funding has been given to support the following projects:

Environment Network Manawatū (ENM) was granted $4,818 for the designing and printing of an important document – ‘Source to Sea’. This document aims to summarise the work undertaken by the 22 groups that are a part of The Manawatū based catchment Biodiversity Cluster of the ENM. These groups have been working together and sharing resources to create a network of biodiversity projects in the community to enhance the natural environment of the Manawatū. The ‘Source to Sea’ document will allow the wider community to gain an insight to the fantastic environmental initiatives that groups have been completing in the Manawatū.

PNCET is proud to be able to support the development of environmental awareness of children and their families in our community. Therefore, in this funding round two Childcare centres were given grants for their environmental projects.

The Learning and Growing Together Trust was funded $1,581 for further development of a garden area at the Ngā Rito o Te Puawaitanga Early Childhood Centre. The money awarded is to be used to purchase a sunshade in the outdoor area of the Centre. Having this enhanced outdoor space means that the children will be able to learn more about their environment and to take further part in caring for the vegetable garden at the centre all-year round. Te Reanga Childcare Centre was also granted $378 for their Wet Weather Experiences Project. This project aims to enhance the learning of the children in the outdoors in all-weather conditions. The money granted will allow the centre to purchase suitable wet weather clothing so that the children can enjoy the outdoors more.

Another organisation that was supported this September was Plant to Plate Aotearoa. This organisation creates gardening and cooking programmes for Primary Schools throughout the Palmerston North area. The $250 funding given by PNCET will be used to run two workshops during EnviroFest in October that involve educating the community about growing fresh produce and how you can use it in your cooking. PNCET is excited to be able to support educating the community to develop healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

Rangiwahia Environmental Arts Centre Trust (REACT) have been given $3,000 for their project ‘Ride on a Moonbeam – a Cycle with Sparkle’, which is an event that will take place during EnviroFest this October. This project will aim to bring more fun and excitement to cycling by having a special night time ride that promises to be visually stunning and entertaining. Their goal is to encourage the Palmerston North community to cycle more to lead a more sustainable life, which PNCET fully supports.

Drive Electric Manawatū are an organisation that promotes the use of zero-emission transport in the Manawatū. The $170 given to this group by PNCET was used during Drive Electric Week 2017 that was a national event running during September. The events organised by Drive Electric Manawatū aimed to increase the use of electric vehicles by Palmerston North residents. PNCET was keen to support this important initiative to encourage the use of more sustainable transport in Palmerston North.

PNCET are also excited to support Hana Manijeh Tawhai for her art projects Golden Bobby Syndrome & Ice Sculptures. The $500 given to Hana will allow her to complete these art projects that aim to increase the awareness of pollution of the Manawatū river and other environmental costs due to farming intensification.

Massey University Sustainability Club (MUSC) was granted $653 for further development of the community garden that they have established on the Massey University Campus. The Garden Gear-Up project aims to install a watering system, and several gardening tools for the garden. This system will allow the garden to be watered during the summer months with minimal water usage and the tools will allow the garden to be easily maintained. PNCET are proud to support this environmental and sustainable initiative.

A Rocha Manawatu was funded $1,725.25 for the replacement of a shade cloth at the plant Nursery they are using. This shade cloth is essential for their continued propagation of thousands of trees they supply the Palmerston North community with for free. By granting A Rocha these funds, PNCET ensures that the generous work in enhancing Palmerston North’s natural areas is able to continue.

PNCET looks forward to seeing more inspiring initiatives like these projects submitted for our March funding round. Remember also that small grants up to $250 are awarded every month.

  • All amounts given in this article are excluding GST.