Biofuels: reducing you carbon footprint

It is well known that carbon emissions are rising primarily due to burning of fossil fuels. The levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are the highest they have been for over 800,000 years. These record high levels of pollutants in our atmosphere is having disastrous effects on our natural environments.

In New Zealand transport accounts for 20% of our greenhouse gas emissions. Although many of us aware of this fact, it is very difficult to give up driving, especially in cities like Palmerston North where public transport is not well developed. So what can car lovers do to play their part in reducing the reliance on unsustainable fossil fuels?

The one simple thing that a regular driver can do to reduce his/her carbon footprint is to pick up passengers. The more people driving in the car the less their carbon footprints. Another option, which is less affordable, is buying a hybrid car. However, you have to pay attention to the source of electricity your car is using.  In addition, there is a third option – biofuels.

Biofuels are the next step in doing away with traditional fossil fuels. Biofuels are produced from the by-products of other industries, including dairy farming and breweries.  These by-products, usually ethanol, are blended with diesel or petrol to create an alternative fuel that is not only helping the environment but at no extra cost to you.

In 2007 Gull were the first to introduce biofuels to New Zealanders, giving us a more sustainable choice for fuel. Gull has already provided kiwis with over 24 million litres of biofuel which has reduced carbon emissions by 57, 000 tonnes. This is equivalent to taking over 12,000 cars off our roads.

Gull has a range of biofuels available that are compatible with most types of vehicles. On offer are two ethanol blended fuels – Gull Force 10 and Gull Force Pro which are produced locally using ethanol sourced from a non-food product of the dairy industry. For the diesel vehicle Gull provides Gull Diesel Max which uses a diesel blend produced from used cooking oil.

Gull Force 10 is a 98 Octane Premium fuel blended with 10% ethanol. Specifically designed for high-performance vehicles and motor racing Gull Force Pro is a 110 plus Octane fuel mixed with 98% ethanol. It is the preferred fuel for D1NZ and New Zealand Rally Championship. Gull Diesel Max is a low-sulphur diesel blend containing up to 5% biodiesel. These options are available in Palmerston North at Gull petrol stations.

Even if you cannot give up driving and switch to cycling, there are still options to reduce your carbon footprint: carpool, drive hybrids and use biofuels. And, if you want to find out more about living sustainable please attend one of the EnviroFest events in October.

Switch to Gull biofuels today to ensure a greener New Zealand tomorrow.

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