Reel Earth Young Filmmakers Awards 2017

Palmerston North: Winners of the Reel Earth Young Flimmaker Awards 2017

Hosted by Julia Panfylova, Project Coordinator at the Palmerston North City Environmental Trust (PNCET), the Awards kicked off at Youth Space Palmerston North with a high-energy performance from local dance troop “Evolve Performing Arts Centre”. This was followed by an afternoon of celebration to acknowledge the commitment, creativity and achievements of the talented local youth who successfully produced 10 high calibre environmental films.

Our young filmmakers showed off some stunning animation techniques and documentary styles that engaged their audiences in a wide a range of environmental topics - from climate change and electric vehicles, saving orangutan, plastic in oceans, recycling and reuse, to ecotourism ventures, environmental stewardship and how we can save New Zealand native wildlife.

Head of the Jury, Fiona Gordon, Board Member of the Palmerston North City Environmental Trust, said, “it is heartening to see these talented young filmmakers exemplify the skills, awareness and capacity to think and act globally and locally - so essential for this generation to successfully tackle the complex issues we face working towards a sustainable future”. She added, ”We are looking forward to seeing more young talent emerge in 2018!”

Each and every film entered into the Awards showed how film can entertain us but can also be a powerful medium to raise awareness and encourage individuals to take action.  We can all make a positive difference for our environment: one person, one action at a time.

TERTIARY top prize: Paul Kennedy, Wildbase NZ: A Documentary on Wildbase Hospital and Recovery

YOUTH top prize: Sarah Ridsdale, Dog Island Motu Piu

YOUTH second prize: Arlo  Mcmillan, Plastic – it’s got you covered!

JUNIOR top prize: Sam Ridsdale, Clever Trevor

JUNIOR second prize: Sean  Macdonald-Hill, Reduce, Reuse, subscribe.

JUNIOR second prize: Liam Adrian, Save orangutans.

All Young Filmmaker Award entries can be viewed on the Reel Earth YouTube channel.