Climate Change Top Tips

The scale of the Climate Change problem can make you feel slightly helpless, so we’ve come up with our own tips to enable you to make a difference to your personal carbon footprint.

Here are top tips from Sustainability Trust:

Meat-free Monday

Sign up for “Meat-free Mondays” or become a ‘flexitarian’ – a flexible vegetarian – so you can still enjoy your mum’s chicken roast, while making a difference every other day of the week!

Get educated and energised

Learn about climate change. Bring in speakers to your school, workplace, church, community. Check out Sustainability Trust free online resources or pop into browse their library. Stay inspired – it ain’t over til it’s over!

Get active on your way to work

Walk or bike to work once a week. Or if that’s too far, try parking further away (save money on parking too!) and walk or bike for the last – Continue reading…